Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack (Jackie Brown Soundtrack)

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Marvel Team-Up #67, page 22 by John Byrne & Dave Hunt. 1978.

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Art of Kilian Eng

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Meek / Photographer Nick Meek has a beautiful photo series of hazy landscapes that look like they were filtered through a Kodachrome lens. 


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Diahann Carroll, James Garner and Marlon Brando at 1963 March on Washington

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Robert Downey, Jr. / Golden Globes / 20 Years

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The Department of Awesome Anamorphic Artwork has been on fire lately with exciting new finds. Today we explore the work of a phenomenal Portuguese graffiti writer named Odeith. He’s been painting since 1996 and appears to have mastered the art of making his letters look like they’re popping off the walls and floating above the ground.

His visual trickery is at its best when used in corners or other narrow spaces. Then it’s all too easy to forget that you’re looking at flat surfaces. This is some serious skill and, as a result, these days Odeith doesn’t just paint on walls, he’s also received corporate commissions from companies all over the world such as Shell, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Estradas de Portugal and S. L. Benfica.

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